Florida-based caviar producer damaged by Hurricane Michael

By Cliff White

SeafoodSource, October 24, 2018

Sturgeon Aquafarms, which produces caviar and sturgeon meat at its farm in Bascom, Florida, suffered extensive damage during Hurricane Michael, forcing a reduction of its production of beluga caviar in advance of the 2018 holiday season.

Hurricane Michael caused extensive damage in the Florida panhandle at the beginning of October, including knocking out regional oyster production and washing out to sea and capsizing a nearly-completed, 261-foot trawler being built for Glacier Fish Co. in Panama City, Florida.

Sturgeon Aquafarms breeds and harvests sturgeon, including the endangered beluga sturgeon, while its sister company, Marky’s Caviar, markets the sturgeon meat and caviar produced at the Bascom facility.

“This extremely powerful storm, that recently swept Northern Florida, caused widespread damages, including electrical power outages leading to a disruption of our 2018 production cycle.” Mark Zaslavsky, managing partner of Sturgeon Aquafarms and CEO of Marky’s Caviar, said in a press release. “Despite this extraordinary situation, we are committed to delivering our first harvest of this locally produced highest-quality beluga caviar. We are doing everything possible so the gourmet food-lovers from around the world can enjoy this exclusive delicacy.”

Source: https://www.seafoodsource.com/news/supply-trade/florida-based-caviar-producer-damaged-by-hurricane-michael