Sevurga sturgeon (Acipenser stellatus) are listed as a “critically endangered” species on the IUCN Red List and are protected by CITES.

This unique and rare sturgeon species, even in aquaculture, is the one that connoisseurs know the best. Its characteristically different caviar is smaller and more delicate than Beluga and Osetra. Sevruga are among the most complicated fish to farm due to their extreme sensitivity in captivity.

The species endured a 97% decline in global stocks over the last 60 years.

Species Characteristics

Wild range: Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Iran, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Ukraine

Habitat: Anadromous from salt seas to fresh water rivers for spawning

Adult length: 4-5 ft

Adult weight: 25 lbs

Products Available

Genetic Material: Fertilized eggs and larvae

For Commercial use: Hide and Isinglass

For consumption: Meat, Caviar, Liver and Notocord


Product Description

MEAT: Its meat is white, firm and tender and in the wild exhibits the
lowest body fat of all sturgeon. It is best enjoyed cold or hot smoked.

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CAVIAR: Its small-medium, steely gray beads have an extraordinarily velvety, smooth texture with a nutty and buttery taste.

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For more information related to the status of Sevruga sturgeon in the wild, you may download a species report here.