The plight of Beluga sturgeon

Sturgeon date back to the Triassic period, nearly 250 million years ago and are widely considered living fossils due to the slow path of evolution they have endured over millennia. The size of some historic wild Beluga sturgeon has classified them in some realms as the largest freshwater fish, having reached weights over 3000 pounds. […]

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About Sturgeon Aquafarms

Our Mission Sturgeon Aquafarms was founded in 2001 with the intent to protect and preserve endangered sturgeon species. Our History After successfully importing Beluga, Sevruga and Osetra broodstock on 13 trans-atlantic flights from Europe and 7 years of permit applications, they finally reached their current home near the borders of Alabama and Georgia in Bascom, Florida. Our facility, which was built in 2009, using modern sustainable limited footprint designs, sits on 120 acres in Northwest Florida atop the Floridan aquifer…
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    Federal Register Listing of Sturgeon Aquafarms Permit Exemption for the Trade in Beluga